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Shepperton Film Studios

Nick freelanced at Shepperton Film Studios, working on major titles for Marvel / Disney as part of the Sound Edit / Mix team. 

Films he worked on included Tron, the Iron Man series, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Frozen to name a few. He also worked on legacy titles such as Fantasia and the original Lion King.

He was able to gain a deep understanding of how sound and music work together in a film. The many different layers including dialogue, foley, functional sound design, creative sound design, and the music score - technically and creatively.

He also gained knowledge of the mixing process, and the different formats including 5.1, 7.1, IMAX and Dolby Atmos, and how to create an ebb and flow between all the different elements.

Nick had the luxury of listening to films numerous times without dialogue, which gave a real focus of how the score and creative sound design work together, and then when focussing on the dialogue, how all these elements form an inclusive, emotionally engaging narrative.

This invaluable knowledge has informed much of Nick's work, including winning him the 'Marshall Hawkins Award for Best Independent Feature Score' for his first feature film. 


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