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Fiat 500X Car Launch

Fiat asked Dynamo to make the newly launched Fiat 500X appear in front of a live audience.


During a dramatic seven minute illusion that incorporates holographic visuals, lighting effects and carefully timed movements, Dynamo conjures up a mysterious energy (The Power of X) live on stage, utilising a unique blend of theatre, illusion and dance inspired choreography.


Nick was approached by the creative communications agency Krow, to act as Music Director/ Composer for this unique event.


Nick says: “I wanted to create a piece which ebbed and flowed between driving and following the narrative. When we started developing the illusion at the Harry Potter film stage, Warner Brothers, I had an idea for the main melody, incorporating something dark and mysterious, yet playful, and when I came across the main sound, which plays through the illusion, we knew straight away that was the essence and atmosphere of the music.”


Client: Fiat

Director: Dan Albion, Jason Knight

Agency: Krow

Music, Sound Design, Creative Direction: Nick Phillips

Additional Production, Sound Design and Mixing: Greg Sanders

Additional Sound Design: Luke Gentry, 

5.1 Mix and Mastering: Ian Duncan


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